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Inspiring kids to be real-life superheroes of kindness by uniquely bridging the connection between animals and people.

The Yellow Heart Mission

The Yellow Heart is a mission for kindness! It is to inspire children to be kind toward all living things by encouraging them to be real life superheroes for their peers, their pets, their families, and their community. Our goal is to foster strong bonds of mutual respect and caring between children and animals as building blocks toward a more compassionate future for all. 

The Yellow Heart Symbol

Kindness comes from within the heart. The color yellow is bright, happy, and inspiring.  A yellow heart symbol represents an intentional or random act of kindness that makes a positive difference in the life of another.

The Yellow Heart Approach

The Yellow Heart bridges the connection between animals and people and provides valuable life lessons for children through the booksLove Me Gently; A Kid’s Guide for Man’s Best Friend, and Gray Whiskers; A Kid’s Guide for Loved Ones Growing Older. Pets are often the first relationship in a child’s life so these books were written by The Yellow Heart founder, Lisa Wiehebrink, to encourage kids to treat them with kindness and compassion as a natural foundation to build upon for the people in their lives. 

Lisa also developed the Love Me Gently HUMANe Education® program for grades K-2 as a creative method for teaching the concepts of kindness and compassion to young children. This simple, yet powerful program uniquely reinforces positive attitudes, builds self-esteem, and develops social/emotional growth by showing children how their actions directly impact others.  Children are ignited from within as they learn how their real-life superpower (kindness) can make the world a better place for all. 

The Yellow Heart partners with numerous community groups, schools, animal shelters, humane societies, and rescue organizations around the country. Contact us for partnership and sponsorship opportunities to share the books Love Me Gently or Gray Whiskers with kids in your area. Together we can make a difference.

“Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.”

Bradley Miller