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Love Me Gently HUMANe Education® K-2 Program

Love Me Gently HUMANe Education® is for K-2 teachers to facilitate on their own with the help of our Kind Kit.  This unique lesson about kindness creatively bridges the connection between animals and people and is an exciting supplement during Kindness Week, Pet Week, or for character building any time of the year. Statistics show that fostering strong bonds between kids and pets provides them with a solid foundation to practice and build positive relationship skills.

Love Me Gently HUMANe Education® is a strategically designed curriculum that begins by telling the children they are real life superheroes! With peaked interest, they learn that their “superpower” is kindness, and it can be ignited from within any time they choose. The primary presentation tool is the bookLove Me Gently, adorably illustrated with compelling characters. As the book is read, children observe positive problem-solving scenarios between a young boy and his new puppy through a captivating and recurring theme allowing for critical thinking and relational perspective. The book empowers children to make responsible choices when it comes to caring for their pets, which builds self-esteem, empathy, and compassion.

Click here to order a Love Me Gently HUMANe Education® Kind Kit for your K-2 classroom.  It has all of the tools you’ll need for a simple, yet persuasive discussion about kind and gentle care toward pets including valuable lessons for safety around dogs. This unique kit comes conveniently bundled in a reusable, canvas book tote….perfect for students to share Love Me Gently at home! The Love Me Gently book is also available in Spanish.

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